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Vivienne Clash

Brazilian security personnel and supporters of outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro clashed on Monday near the capital's police headquarters, following the arrest of an Indigenous chief involved in recent protests. On Wednesday, the leftist Lula received official documentation that he is president-elect, formally closing the intensely polarised electoral process between him and right-wing Bolsonaro.

vivienne clash


The Palestinian Red Crescent emergency service said more than 40 people were wounded, with 22 requiring treatment at local hospitals. It said Israeli forces prevented first responders from entering the compound during the clashes, and that one of its medics was beaten by police.

In recent weeks, Israeli police and Palestinians have clashed there on a number of occasions. Israeli authorities accuse the Hamas militant group ruling Gaza of inciting violence and say security forces were forced to intervene to halt stone-throwing.

[5b] The fact that appellant Hart waived his fee as administrator would not give him the right to a fee for extraordinary services as an attorney. The rule against such allowance is based upon public policy and the only exception of which we are aware is when a testator expressly provides in his will for the allowance of both executor's commissions and attorney's fees to the same person. (Estate of Thompson, 50 Cal. 2d 613 [328 P.2d 1]; see also Estate of Lankershim, 6 Cal. 2d 568 [58 P.2d 1282].) As stated in Estate of Parker, 200 Cal. 132, 139 [251 P. 907, 49 A.L.R. 1025]: "... It clearly is the duty of every executor, when engaging counsel to render professional services for the estate, to employ the best legal talent available for the stipulated compensation. But he would place himself in a position where there would be a clash between his own personal interest and his duty to employ the ablest counsel obtainable for the agreed compensation if, being himself a lawyer, he should undertake to perform that service himself with the intention of charging the estate therefor, or if, being a member of a law firm and sharing in the fee to be earned, he should employ his firm to render the necessary professional [204 Cal. App. 2d 640] services. Again, it is the duty of every executor to oppose any charge which the attorney or attorneys employed by him might make against the estate for extraordinary legal services, if there be no substantial ground for the claim that the services were indeed extraordinary. But his personal interest would conflict with this duty if the services were rendered by his own law firm and he is to share in the earnings. ..." 041b061a72


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