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Gintama X Mameshiba Episode 6

Gintama lovers have been blessed with 367 episodes full of comedy, which include four anime seasons and six sequel seasons. It has also received three movies, an OVA series and several specials.

Gintama x Mameshiba Episode 6

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Despite its popularity, Gintama is a difficult anime to find on streaming websites. Crunchyroll has six of the installments, but not the last one. Thus, you will find all the episodes minus the last 26, and the movies. The Gintama specials and OVAs are also not available to stream anywhere.

The original anime series of Ginatam ended after four seasons and 201 episodes. However, it has received several sequel series after that. There are a total of six sequel series which consist of another 166 episodes.

Even with lack of feedback, we still bring you another episode of Just A Gintama Podcast. On this episode, we talk about the latest Gintama news and then we go over chapters 446 through 448. Hopefully people will write in next time. Our next episode will be a Gintaladies episode. Make sure you listen this episode to find out who we will be covering. 041b061a72


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