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Micah Fomichev

Download Sniperstv Txt

(12/17) EDIT: YOU ARE MUCH BETTER OFF USING A MORE UP TO DATE VERSION BY TOM! This mod has some issues that are fixed in Tom's version of his Realism+ version. Please download that instead. Or the original Redux mod by - Far Cry 2: Realism+ by - Far Cry 2: Redux

Download sniperstv txt

+ Re-implemented 100% silent machete takedown using the original Vanilla files,refer to this guide written by Tom for proof and how to do it:*I implemented this myself into Redux 2.9 by reverse engineering what dannyhl2 didand implemented it using the Vanilla files for the foundation of this mod's remake: -cry-2/downloads/silent-machete-in-redux-29-modders-guide(MA)

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