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no, all of these companies do not have the same size of business and all are not anywhere near as large as samsung. still, all should prove profitable for the companies that end up making the most intelligent decisions. both b/e's business plan centers on cyber monday and their plan includes a broad range of products.

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but as you can see, it only covers part of the future of e-commerce and the growth it will bring. even if e-commerce only expands to 10 percent of the retail market, you can imagine the impact it will have on physical stores. if you want to learn more about the impact, read my latest report on the 2018 consumer technology show .

however, it is important to point out that traditional retail operators such as department stores, general retailers and big box stores have proven that they can and have survived in this new digital world, and we are excited to see what this year holds for their future.

we conducted a similar exercise to see how many e-commerce companies in the semiconductor equipment market guide are worth a look. we have found that once again, b/e appears to have undervalued the market. meantime, companies such as alura , tpshop and kitl could be growing quickly, but b/e is only reviewing the top five. that should change as the technology continues to grow, but it also means that the correct valuation may be outside of the b/e valuation.

i believe that google does a great job of understanding the needs of the technology professionals in the industry. however, it is often hard to identify the ones who are both significant and representative in the market. although google is one of the most well known, it is also one of the most well-funded companies in the industry. not only is this something to be concerned about, it also lowers the likelihood that google and its partners understand that the marketplace is getting much larger. in their efforts to understand the marketplace, google overlooked the fact that the marketplace is changing.


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