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Rubik's Cube 7x7x7 Solution Pdf Download

the cube must be held together with some sort of protrusions. this makes the cube more likely to stay in the same orientation during construction. a laser cutter is used to cut the acrylic. the center of the box is cut to have holes for the top leds. the legs of the cube are inserted in the top, then bent in such a way that they can be soldered to the bottom of the top leds. at this point, the top layer of the cube is complete. the bottom legs of the top layer are bent to fit into the legs of the next layer. this layer is then soldered to the legs of the top layer. this layer is repeated seven times, until all seven layers have been soldered together and glued to the bottom of the box. once the top layer is complete, it is sanded and painted to look like the final cube. careful sanding is required to get the cube to look sharp. if you do not sand carefully, the cube may not turn properly when pushed down.

rubik's cube 7x7x7 solution pdf download

so it takes about 5 minutes to solve the cube. i have done the cube in less time but it is harder. i am able to solve a cube in less than 3 minutes. i am a little faster because i have less layers and more rows. i have not solved a cube in less than 3 minutes without the two cube_size_multiplier*3 seconds delay.

i am going to be taking on the challenge of creating a 8x8x8 cube with only 16 leds, but i am not sure if i can. would be interesting to see what kind of results i can come up with. as for the cube, it is hard for me to believe that it would take longer to solve the cube with only 16 leds. as you can see in the picture, the bottom layers on the outside are done first. i am not sure how much information i can give you about the code. i will try and answer any questions you might have.


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