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Buy Surgical Loupes ((NEW))

Surgical loupes are the little magnifiers mounted inside the focal points of glasses. They are known of considerable advantage to people working in the medical field, conducting surgeries, especially during long methods that require exact meticulousness.

buy surgical loupes

Surgical lighting now known as surgical lights or operating lights is primarily used by doctors in operating rooms. In addition to that, surgical lights are important equipment in ambulatory surgery centers. The scope and use of surgical lights vary with locations throughout the emergency and the hospital care facility, to provide high-quality lighting while getting complicated procedures.

Surgicalmagnifying loupes offer a portable, practical and economical way to providemagnification for your team during complex procedures. Below are a fewqualities to keep in mind as you research which surgical loupes are right for your team.

Havingthe right magnification strength allows your team to work from an optimaldistance that provides ergonomic balance. This will help reduce eye strain,neck, shoulder and back tension, and even headaches related to poor ergonomics.The right magnification will allow your team to see the surgical site clearlyand closely, thus enhancing both precision and accuracy. Typically, surgicalloupe magnification strength is driven by personal preference, so allow yourteam plenty of opportunities to try various strengths and sizes before makingyour final order. The lowest comfortable magnification setting will result inthe widest field of view. Anyone who is starting with a surgical loupe for thefirst time should go with the lowest possible magnification level in order tomake the process of adjusting to the loupe more seamless.

Seiler Instrument is leading manufacturer specializing in high precision machining and optical instruments. Seiler Instrument produces medical instruments, microscopes, and Zeiss Planetarium equipment that is used all over the world. Seiler Instrument provides the following guidelines for surgical loupe magnification.

3.0X: The intermediate magnification level of which is good for a user that is familiar with loupes or has a need for additional magnification not provided by the 2.5x power. Typical working distance: 16.5" (420mm)

3.5X: More powerful than teh 3.0X surgical loupe, this magnification level is used for specialists and users that have a smaller working field. The long working distance is generally used by a tall person. Typical working distance: 19.7" (500mm)

Oneof the greatest benefits of working with surgical loupes is the ergonomicimprovement. While your team engages in close, detail-oriented work, they cando so while remaining in a healthy and comfortable posture. When usedcorrectly, surgical loupes can allow your team to work without bending forwardor holding unnatural positions for extended periods of time. Ergonomic factorssuch as neck tilt, optimal patient positioning, pelvic tilt, eye tilt, elbowangulation, and knee angulation can be supported by a high-quality surgicalloupe with the right working distance. A loupe specialist can also help guideyou through this process, especially if he or she also has been fully trainedin ergonomics.

Magnifyingsurgical loupes must be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Your teammay be in a position where they need to wear surgical loupes for lengthy,involved procedures-- so the more lightweight they are, the more comfortableyour team can remain while wearing them. Lighter loupes reduce tension andother related complications as well. Make sure to carefully test the frames; ahigh-quality frame will distribute weight evenly around the bridge of the noseand the user's ears.

Surgicaleye loupes come in two key designs: through-the-lens (TTL) and flip-up. Theoptics of the TTL version is built into the lens of the frame, while the opticsof the flip-up loupe are attached to an adjustable mechanism that allows theuser to manually flip out the loupe when not in use. TTL versions are typicallymore comfortable, driving higher performance and ease of working. Thehighest-quality TTL versions can be designed specifically to fit the user'sfacial dimensions, prescription needs, and personalized magnification.Conversely, flip-up versions are more off-the-shelf. Non-prescription loupes dooffer the benefit of being able to be shared among users, and they are alsoeasily adjustable while allowing for declination changes.

Manyusers consider the Galilean version superior because of its easy adaptation,minimal weight, color delineation, and short barrel. However, for highermagnifications, Kepler versions are often preferred. If your team prefers theKepler design, make sure to invest in premium quality. Lower-quality Keplerloupes will seem heavy and tend to offer a narrow width of field. In addition,the barrel may be high, which places more weight directly on the nose. Theyalso tend to be prone to shadowing.

Forexample, when using LED lighting, the user's pupils will naturally dilate,which reduces the depth of field when using a surgical loupe. In many cases,LED lighting is considered mandatory when using higher levels of magnification;in fact, many experts consider LED an imperative with any level ofmagnification.

Supplementary lightsshould be of appropriate intensity and color. Lights that are too bright willcause eye rods to shut down, offering no benefit, while lights that are too dimwill not be able to keep up as magnification increases. Fortunately, new LEDsystems are now available that are extremely portable and less expensive thanprevious generations. Some lights are available as a headlight version, whileothers can connect directly to binocular surgical loupes. With this option, youmust consider the weight of the light combined with the loupe for the overall comfortlevel of the user. You'll need to make decisions based on charging time,working time, and whether the light can work while charging in order to makethe best surgical lighting purchases to accompany your surgicalloupes.

Aswith most surgical equipment that undergoes daily wear and tear, you'll want toconsider warranty and repair considerations when making your purchase. Somebrands may offer an inexpensive rechargeable battery, while others may requireyou to purchase a complete control unit. In addition, you may find some brandswith repairable cables, but others may require complete lens replacements.Warranty programs vary widely among brands and products, so you'll want to makesure to research which is best for your team.

Usingsurgical magnifying loupes in the areas of cardiology, plastic surgery,dentistry, neurosurgery, urology, pediatric surgery, oncology, and many otherscan make complex surgery more manageable for your surgical team. A keyconsideration is determining exactly how surgical magnifying loupes will beused within your practice. For example, are they for daily practice or forintricate procedures and surgeries that require significant focus and visual acuity?If your facility specializes in detailed and intricate surgeries, make sureyour magnification levels are high enough. Take the time to audit your mosttypical procedures in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

If you're stillresearching surgical loupes and would like some help, contact USA Medical and SurgicalSupplies today. We have decades of experience researching andrecommending medicalsupplies and equipment. If you have any questions about the best surgical loupesfor your practice, give us a call toll-free at 888-215-0718, or send an emailto

Laser aligned optics for magnification of superb optical quality; a lightweight aluminum assembly and precise pupil alignment system make Keeler Loupes the perfect choice for thousands of surgical professionals. Keeler Optical Technology has been the professional's choice for over 40 years. As specialists in optics worldwide, we understand what you and your eyes need...enhanced surgical field of view.... comfort....maximum depth of field.

Surgical procedures demand extraordinary precision and judgement. Combine your expertise with our high-performance products to deliver the best care for your patients without sacrificing ergonomics. Our experts will guide you to the right custom-crafted loupe and headlight for your surgical practice. Choose from our 2.5x loupes, the clearest in the industry, to our exclusive variable magnification technology, EyezoomTM or something in-between.

"Orascoptic loupes are the single most critical component of my surgical equipment. These custom high-magnification and wide field of view loupes allow the removal of most brain tumors without the assistance of a microscope, thereby shortening operative time and improving surgical ergonomics via an optimal working distance."

Optimal illumination is an essential component to ensure the best procedural results. We offer innovative surgical headlights and headlight technology that offer improved visibility by reducing shadowing in the field of view.

ExamVision offers the ultimate versatile, all-day-wear tools for physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals and students who require the ultimate optical loupe. Remarkably lightweight yet made from the most robust, high-end materials, ExamVision surgical and medical loupes and lights are customised to your unique, individual needs.

Medical examinations and procedures require the use of superior optics and tools to facilitate freedom of movement, good posture and correct ergonomics throughout your working day. Optometrists design and manufacture ExamVision medical and surgical loupes, which are made to measure in Denmark and fitted by optical professionals. Medical professionals across the globe enjoy the benefits of our high-end, magnifying loupes.

Choosing the right loupe and magnification will optimize your performance in surgical and other medical procedures. All magnifying loupes from ExamVision are designed by optometrists and customised to the individual surgeon, other medical professional or student. Each solution is based on individual eyesight, need for magnification as well as physical working environment such as distance and tools and facilities available. 041b061a72


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